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Puppy pulling a rope

Foundation Coarse

Are you ready to stop wondering if you made the wrong decision to bring your puppy home, and finally experience the little angel you know your pup truly is… on a consistent basis?

Puppy pulling a rope

If you’re looking for a Simple Way to…

Train your puppy so you can easily get rid of the unwanted frustrations of bringing home the newest (and most adorable) member of your family Without having to… 

❌ Hide your new favorite shoes out of fear that they’ll be demolished by your little furry shark puppy

❌ Get mauled when you attempt the impossible task of putting on a leash

❌ Douse your house in puppy pads (because.. “Nooo, not the carpet again!”)

❌ Choose between being nipped at for being in the room or barked at for leaving the room

Now Introducing...Get a FAST-ACTION BONUS
30-min 1:1 Puppy Training Call with Ariella, when you sign up before May 6th

May 6th (value $555)!
Price doubles on MAY 27th!

One-time payment of $200  2x Monthly Payments of $125

Hey Puppy Parent,

Ariella here, founder of Rockawag Dog Training. I’ve personally been helping dogs and their people for 10+ years now, and trust me… I’ve seen it all.


As an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a graduate of the CATCH Canine Academy, I have personally met some of the most seemingly challenging pups you could imagine and watched them transform.


Time and time again. 

This is exactly why I’ve finally decided to take the BEST of everything I know, and make it accessible and affordable for just about any puppy parent out there.

puppy hiding in the desk

This puppy training program for you if...

  • Your puppy tries to eat things that you did not even consider edible

  • Your puppy doesn’t understand what’s off limits and destroys multiple things around your home, like rugs, doors, your favorite pair of sunglasses… or even your expensive remote!

  • Your puppy goes potty everywhere but the right place

  • Your puppy is a biter and you’ve got the “battle scars" to prove it

  • Your puppy may appear restless or whine a lot. They might have trouble going to sleep and he wakes up multiple times during the night.

In this puppy training program, you'll learn to master....

..and much more. We are laser-focused on providing tailored services to match your lifestyle. With 75+ videos in this course, we are certain that we will be able to help you with soooo much more.​



  • How Puppies Learn

  • Your Puppy's Stages of Development

  • How to Create a Schedule & Routine for Your Puppy

  • Puppy Management & Healthy Puppy Outlets

  • How to Introduce a Collar

  • How to Introduce your Puppy to Harness and Lead

  • How to Train Your Puppy to Loose Lead Walk

  • How to Motivate Your Puppy with Treats, Toys & Enrichment

  • Marker Introduction & Timing

  • How to Read Your Puppy's Body Language

  • How to Toilet Train Your Puppy

  •  Socialization: Including Pre-Vaccinated & Post-Vaccinated Puppy Socialization

  •  How to Prevent: Jumping Up, Puppy Biting & Chewing, Separation Anxiety, Digging

  •  Live Field Trip Examples including Pet Store, Coffee Shop, Park, Hardware Store, Restaraunt,

  •  Introductions to Commands Such as Sit, Nose Touch, Down, Get, Spin, Get Down, Drop, Leave, Stay vs. Wait, Wait & Release,

  • Introduction to Crate Training

  •  Enrichment Training including: Enrichment Cups, Enrichment Trash Bags, Muffin Tip, Burrito Enrichment, Find it, plus more!

  • Human Play & Puppy Play

  • Exposure to Indoor & Outdoor Surfaces

  • Handling and Husbandry

  • How to Use Targeting to Teach New Behavior

  • Games to Play with Your Puppy: Hide & Seek, Peekaboo

  • Dog-Friendly Park Etiquette

  • Puppy Exercise

  • Sleep and Night Time Routine

  • Car Socialization and Exposure

  • Positive Exposure to Sounds

  • Exposure to Moving Objects

  • Ring a Bell to Toilet Outside

  • AND MORE!!


This course includes 6-Weeks + 2 BONUS Weeks for Added Training Tips & Tricks!

Rockaway Puppy Training: Foundations Course

Orientation: Start Here!(20:46)

Week 1 (20:33)

Week 2 (18:11)

Week 3 (19:15)

Week 4 (12:35)

Week 5 (20:01)

Week 6 (10:56)

BONUS: Week 7 (11:06)

BONUS: Week 8 (10:54)

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your puppy into the little Angel you know they’re meant to be, and ditch the frustrations of puppy parenting once and for all?

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