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Meet the friendly  face behind RockAwag Dog Training

Ariella Lisker

With over 10+ years of experience helping dogs and their people, Ariella is a CPDT-KA and Fear Free Certified® Professional dog trainer and couldn’t be happier to share her dog training expertise with New York dog owners.
As an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, AKC FIT Dog Instructor and a graduate of the CATCH Canine Academy, Ariella regularly helps New York dog and puppy owners raise and train model canine citizens. With an emphasis on providing reliable, positive, and effective training services, Ariella is able to develop real-world skills for both dogs and owners without ever making training feel like a chore. When Ariella isn’t training New York dogs and puppies, you can find her hiking or by the beach.


Our Approach

Puppy following it's owner
puppy biting a hand

Being an unregulated industry, it’s never been more important to understand the methodology of a pet professional you’re considering using. 
At RockAwag Dog Training, our approach to dog training is rooted in science and compassion, with an emphasis on giving dog owners the necessary information to make informed decisions about their dog’s care and behavior. As a Fear Free Certified® Professional, I prioritize positive reinforcement, creating a stress free environment for your dog. This approach fosters better learning, built trust, and enhances the overall training experience.

More than having the validation of modern science, positive reinforcement-based dog training allows your dog to learn skills and enjoy performing without the threat of force or punishment, leading to a confident, happy dog who looks to their person for guidance.

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